What does it mean to live Truly, Boldly, Freely?

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Each quarter of the year, we will feature a general topic related to the LGBTQ+ community, and we’ll ask you to weigh in and share y9our personal experience with the topic.
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October – December

Coming Out Stories – How did you break the news to your family and/or friends? Describe that time in your life and tell us how you think it went.  Were you supported? Rejected? A little of both? How has your life changed since you came out? What would you tell someone who is in the process of self-identification and coming out?

January – March

Are you in the process of gender transition in some form?  Share your story with our community.  Tell us about your self-discovery and exploration, how you view your gender (or lack thereof), and why you decided that the way you’ve chosen to transition was right for you. Share as much or as little as you are comfortable.

April – June

How has your mental health impacted your sense of identity and your ability to live the life you want? Have you experienced issues with finding a qualified mental health provider who is affirming?  Have you had great experiences with providers? Tell us about the challenges you’ve faced and overcome, or where you are still struggling.

July – September

What community resources have you found to be helpful in your journey? Are there specific medical, mental health, or other providers you have found to be exceptional? Which community organizations, houses of worship, volunteer organizations, schools, or other places where LGBTQ+ folks are not just accepted, but affirmed and welcomed? Help us highlight the good work these people are doing.